Business in DUBAI

Dubai Is A Well Structured Business Enterprise

Dubai is a well structured business enterprise. And they are one among the member of world trade organization and they offer trading business. Dubai holds high influence in the trading business so they have a safe market space or unique attraction. This helps to maintain trade relationships, open trade opportunity, global trade relations and more.



Why Dubai?

Dubai is one of the best center of trading business so they have connection between Asia, Africa, several parts of Europe. They are mainly concentrated import and export their business. They are done trade across the world, Dubai is the central location and other countries are maintaining a connection to the Dubai. Connectivity and location are the basic components of trading business in Dubai.

Trade Policies

Every year they have an 11 percent growth in the trade business according to the record submitted by the Dubai’s department of economic development. The main reason for the growth is the attractive trade policies. In Dubai, companies have the power to access and power to develop open trade relation and free trade policies.

Open Trade Relations

In Dubai, traders are eligible to create open trade relations, and they want to obey the import and export foreign rules. They can buy or sell from the different economics and it has no government quotas, chargers.

Tax Advantages

Dubai tax advantage includes international trading partners and double taxation avoidance agreement and limit of import and export tax. The Dubai government support in trading and creating a tax beneficial scheme for the traders. It is help to avoid double taxation.

Start your own trading company

It contains a list of procedures for build a trading company. This is also depends on which place in Dubai you like to start a company and what sort of commodity for trade.


The costs of build a trading business information are contain the Department of Economic Development department they derive the costs. It is a step by step procedures and it wants a frame of time.

Annual Costs

They have 4 annual costs:

  1. Sponsorship fee
    It is paid to the local sponsors.
  2. License renewal fee
    It is paid to the DED
  3. Immigration Fee
  4. Rent Fee


Dubai is the one of the best place for trading and they are central connection. Some other countries are maintaining the connection to Dubai. Every year they have a fixed growth in the business.

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