Fujeirah Creative City Freezone

Located in the emirate of Fujairah and known as the jewel of the Middle East, Fujairah is one of the most desired locations for travelers and tourists. It is primly located to cater to the needs of business owners all over the Middle East and North Africa. Precisely situated by the east coast of the UAE, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone continues to offer its customers many benefits. As an entrepreneur, understanding these benefits is a must if you seek to set up a business. Fujairah remains one of the best locations for entrepreneurs due to the lack of bureaucratic procedures and straightforward formation process. For better understanding, here are the benefits:

  • 0% corporation and personal tax,
  • 100% company ownership,
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits,
  • No currency restrictions,
  • 100% import and export tax exemption

In more detail:

  1. Easy Entry & Incorporation: There are little or no barriers to entry. Shareholders are not required to put forward any share capital, experience and attestation. In addition, annual audit, book-keeping and a formal business plan is not needed.
  2. Physical Space not required: With a flexi desk option and no requirement for a physical office, the ease and mode of business operation is limitless. However, if a physical office space is desired, there is more than enough freedom to do so as extensively as possible.
  3. Zero NOC: Getting an NOC from the current sponsor is not a requirement for business formation in Fujairah; hence many choose this because it allows for setting up a side business whilst still employed.
  4. Option of various activities: In Fujairah Freezone, the options for business activities are limitless; its main core being media, advertising and broadcasting, within that are a range subsectors, including HR, e-commerce, IT, publishing, training, consultancy and design. However, skills can be transferred between subsectors and one business owner can combine various unrelated activities under one license.

What’s more, Fujairah Freezone offers one of the most cost effective e-commerce packages compared to other freezones.

  1. Bank Account setup made easy: In Fujairah Freezone, setting up a bank account hasn’t been easier as you receive the necessary help, every step of the way.
  2. Visa Options: It is easy to sponsor family members and employees if you own a business in Fujairah Freezone. The stages involves, entry permit →status adjustment →medical fitness test →Emirate ID registration →Visa Stamping.

List of Activities

The list of Activities permitted in Fujairah Freezone includes but not limited to:

Specialist Activities such as: Accounting & Auditing Consultancy, Architecture Consultancy, Beauty Consultancy, Business Consultancy, Communications Consultancy, Concept & Design Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy, Engineering Services, Human Resource Consultancy, Investment Consultancy, Investment Management, Legal Consultancy, Lifestyle Consultancy, Logistics Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Membership Consultancy, Project Delivery Management, Program Management, Project Facilities Management Services, Project Management Consultancy, Property Management Services, Sales Consultancy/Services, Sports Management, Sports Services/Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Travel & Tourism Consultancy, Security Management Consultancy, Security Systems Consultancy.

Business services such as: Business Advisory Services, Business Development, Business Development Services, Market Research Consultancy, Helpdesk Services, Information Services, News Agency, Research Services, Risk Management, Strategy Advisory Services, Strategic Business & Advisory, Strategy Planning Consultancy, and Translation Services

Information Technology services such as: AUTOCAD, e‐Commerce, E-Services, Import/Export (IT Related), IT Consultancy, IT Security Management, IT Services, IT Solutions, IT Strategy Services, Network Communications Services, Network Management, Network Management Services, Network Solution Services/- Consultancy, Software Services, System Integration, Telecommunications Consultancy, Telecommunications Services, Technology Consultancy, Virtualization

Publishing Services such as: Directories and Guides, e-books, Educational / Consumer Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Online & Electronic Content, Promotional Content, Publishing*

Event management services such as: Choreography, Conferences Organizing and Management, Event Management, Event Production, Exhibition Organization and Management, Festival Organization and Management, Hospitality Management Consultancy, Live Theatrical Shows Management and Promotion, Performing Arts Management, Promotion Consultancy, Sports Management

Music and entertainment services such as: Music Distribution, Music Label & Rights Management, Music Production & Recordings, Music Promotion & Management, Music Publishing, Performing Arts Services, Performing Art Management, Theme Parks Management

Film, Audio & Broadcasting Services Such as: Art Production & Distribution, Art Services, Audio Production, Audio and Visual Production, Broadcasting Management, Film Production & Distribution, Film Production/Post Production, Post Production, Program Management, Programmed Management, Radio Broadcasting*, Radio Management, TV Broadcasting*, TV Production, Videography, Video Design Services, Video Production, Web Streaming

Marketing activities such as: Advertising Agency, Branding & Advertising, Direct Marketing, Intellectual Property Services, International Copyright Collection Agency, Marketing Consultancy, Marketing Research Consultancy or Services, Marketing Services, Media Consultancy, Media Representation, Media Services, Media and Marketing Consultancy, Online Marketing Services, Outdoor Advertising, PR Services, Public Relations Agency, Specialty Communication & PR.

Digital Media activities such as: Animation, Animation Photography, Digital Design, Digital Media Management, Digital Media Services, Graphic Design, Interactive Services, Media Archiving & Distribution, Media Content Management, Media Content Production, Media Equipment Rentals, Media Monitoring, Media Production, Media Support Services, Media Technology, Multimedia Development, New Media Services, Online Marketing Services, Photography, Photography Services, Press Services, Printing Services, Social Media Management/Services or Consultancy, Software Development Management, System Development Management, Technical Services, Web Design, Web Hosting

Design services such as: Architecture Services, Art Services, Commercial Interior Design, Concept Design Consultancy, Design Services, Digital Design Interior Design, Fashion Design Consultancy, Space Planning Design, Web Design

Education & Training services such as: Business Training, Dance Training, Education Consultancy, Education Services, Education Training, Music Training, Online Education, Performing Art Training, Technology Training Services, Training Consultancy, and Training Services

HR services such as: Recruitment Consultancy, HR Consultancy and Recruitment Services

* These activities below require special approval

Publishing, Broadcasting, Education & Training– This is usually offered to those eligible to obtain UAE residence Visa(s). It is not permitted for commercial licenses and the New Media Council (NMC) license must be obtained by the shareholders which may attract additional cost(s). NMC license is not required for Education and Training activity.

Trade License Fee (Commercial & Service/General) FEE 
 Trade License 17,500 AED
 Legal Maxims Service Charge 3,000 AED

Legal Maxims Consultants has a team of experts committed to providing out of the box consultancy, support and management services to investors interested in a new company formation in FUJAIRAH Freezone or any of the Free Zones in the UAE.

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