Criminal background check

The life of a business man is filled with the issuance of cheques to suppliers, service providers and other beneficiaries. In the UAE, should the cheque issued be returned due to insufficient funds, the bearer of the cheque can file a suit against the issuing company and also the issuer of the cheque; although representing the company.

There are instances whereby the issuer of the cheque will be held liable for issuing a cheque with the knowledge that the company cannot meet up to such expenses, while there are other instances where the company will be held solely liable. Whatever the case may be, it is detrimental to both the company and the issuer where a police case is filed and the resulting travel ban is issued.

To avoid this, it is best to approach a consultant to assist in checking if a case has been filed against the company or the issuer and to ensure that a travel ban (prohibition from entering or leaving the country) has not been issued.  Hence, to be assured that staying in the country is without restriction, contact our team of experts who will relate the result of the background check to you within 24 to 72 hours.

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