Cyber Defamation

Cyber Defamation : (using the cyberspace to spread information designed to harm a person’s reputation or good will) Defamation is defined as ‘an intentional false communication ,either published or publicly spoken ,that injures another’s reputation or good name’. Defamation includes the common law tort of libel (involving written or printed statements) and slander (involving oral statements). Both libel and slander could be committed through internet. Cyber defamation involves the publication of statements to lower the reputation of a person. For example, Defaming messages posted in group e-mails enabling lakhs of people to read, see or hear the contents of such messages in seconds. It is obligatory that before declaring whether an online publisher or distributor is liable for defamation under the above said provisions. The said Section expresses legislative intent of granting exemption from liability of intermediary in certain cases.


Cyber cases are now increasing day by day at an outstanding rate and nobody actually know what all things we can do. Actually in most countries the cyber law is very strong , whether its in UAE.

Our UAE government has strong policies in ensuring cyber safety to our citizens.  It’s the duty of each and every person to live by the law. If any such incidents happen or if any such happenings get to know by you, don’t just leave it , the laws and regulations are having a very good framework in safeguarding you. We can make the responsible person suffer for the things which he had done.

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