Legal Translation

In the UAE, Arabic is the official language and this being so, documents used are usually required to be in Arabic. At dubaibusinesssetup, we undertake the translation of documents originally not in the official language (Arabic) for the registration of companies and other uses in the country. From professional translation for personal and business use, to certified legal translation for government use, we will assist you in translating your documents from any language to any other language; precisely more than a 100 languages. What’s more, we pride ourselves knowing that our translation service is top-notch and error-free, but how would you know except you give us a call for a free consultation and the opportunity to bag a discount on our service.

We are able to translate various certificates such as marriage certificates, divorce and death certificates, training certificates, birth and academic certificates etc.

For official and government usage, we translate litigation documents, Agreements and contracts, Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, Wills etc.

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